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在老人數量日益增多的人口大國,中國的老人問題特別是養老是一個不容忽視的社會問題,更是一個值得社會倍加關注的問題,養老事業發展狀況反映了一個國家的經濟狀況,同時也反映了一個國家對老人的發展事業是否同步跟上, 造福老人的配套辦法和措施是否完善,目前許多方面還不具備條件和滿足基本和求,出現了各種老人面臨的憂慮,而更多的老人還是選擇在家自理而不到有限的養老院去消磨時光,那麼, 中國式的養老將以那種最符合中國實情的舉措來加以完善和發展呢,這確是一個擺在中國人面前不容忽視的課題。

With the aging population increasing, the old age planning is actually a social issue that needs attention.
The care for seniors reflected the economic policy and status of a nation. Especially in China , where the need is so urgent, a lot of seniors are not able to get proper care and and prefer to stay at home instead of waiting to go to senior homes. Either they are unaffordable or the wait is too long. The is a subject that the Chinese Government cannot be overlooked.


奶奶,為什麼你們那個年代一段感情可以維持一輩子?” “ 因為在我們那個年代,什麼東西壞了只會去修,但是你們這個年代只會去換。 “


在過去一窮二白的年代,人們生活物質短缺,最需解決的是溫飽問題,思想較為保守,老實純樸,中規中舉,一夫一妻訂終身,長廂廝守到白頭。 在艱苦的環境裡共度清貧甘苦的日子,像是一條藤上的苦瓜分不開的,反而為生活更加緊密的維繫著夫妻的關係,伴侶的情懷,相依伴隨,幾十載春秋攜手過,乃至一輩子。

 常言道: 夫妻好商量,相伴日子長。 現代的年輕人,生活在開放繁華和物質豐富的社會中,家庭觀念意識不同了,但是,老一輩那種感情維繫的觀念是很值得他們理解和思考的,因為”老伴”的感情維系不是一陣子,而是一輩子的。

Love is a relationship for a lifetime. For better for worse, husband and wife ventured life together, facing ups and downs together. They understand each other more and the  love is deeper day by day. Something  that the younger generation should learn from their older generations.  People’s lives changed and become better . We can buy new  things easily  and forget the old , but not for relationship . They are to be forever lasting.



Some research has shown that listening to music while studying may help one’s concentration and thinking. There are various choices of music that one can enjoy in the background while reading, and may produce better performances in memory work and smarter thinking. Yet , the help of music may not be working for everyone.





Elderly people have to adapt to a new lifestyle with adjustments both physically and psychologically when aging starts. They should develop their own hobbies and continue to live with a positive mind . Optimistic and sharing of different views and experiences in life , continue enjoying and learning , are the key to happiness.





An angler caught a turtle, feeling happy about the catch. But with a further check , the word “release “ was written on the shell. Feeling disturbed , she approached a Buddhist monk to ask for advice. She finally released the turtle again to the sea to attain a peace of mind.



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Summer is great for outdoor fun. There are lots of activities that one can do. Barbeque is a good choice for friends and families. BBQ Parties are fun , with tasty grilled food and friendly atmosphere, it will sure make everyone happy in the summer.


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曾一段時間,在世界各地時興玩一項挑戰”淋冰水“的玩意,參與挑戰的人士中,有大眾平民之輩,有商賈大享,有政壇的頭面人物,也有知名度高的”星星“ ,他們在其他方面是專長,但對淋冰水這玩意,個個都是來尋求刺激的但並非訓練有素的人,只是想來”過下癮“。 於是乎,不論在如何寒冷的季節環境下,每位挑戰者,都要過此關:一大捅冰水往赤身露體淋下去,只見顫抖的身體毛骨悚然,咬緊的牙關格格作響,凍的滋味,直入心肺,超過了常人忍受的限度。怪不得醫學專業人士認為,此種玩意會損傷人的皮膚、血管及內臟,一旦凍傷,治療後也會有後遺症。


Ice Bucket Challenge was once a charity act that attracted participants from different circles in the community. The viral activity had the rich and famous all drawn to perform the challenge despite of the cold weather or their own body’s acceptance to the cold ice water like frostbite. In fact , some medical professional opinions were against it , claiming bad consequences on personal health . This is a topic that is worth to discuss whether to promote similar activities in the future .


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一年一度,中國的傳統民間節日中秋佳節又到了,各地都以不同的習俗和形式,或張燈結彩,或舞獅舞龍,或大排豐盛美食來慶賀節日,由城到鄉,到處都洋溢著喜慶的氛圍,特別到了夜幕降臨開始,明月的輝映,給人們帶來興奮和欣喜,也給人們帶來無限的寄託,祈望,思念和暇想,”月光光,照地塘“的民謠, ”舉頭望明月,低頭思故鄉“的詩句都在民間廣為流傳。月園人團園,是人們渴望團聚的心情和願望,”把酒問青天,明月幾時有,但願人長久,千里共嬋娟“的寄寓之情都深印在人們的情懷中,《月是故鄉明》反映了離鄉別井遠在他鄉的人們對家鄉的依戀和思念之意濃情不減,誰也不可替代和表達的。


The Mid-Autumn Festival , also known as the Moon Festival, is a Chinese Traditional feast in autumn every year. People celebrate the harvest season in different ways according to their customs. With the feelings expressed in so many poems from the poets, the festival is really a time for us to enjoy and send love and thoughts to our loved ones.
The Full Moon is a time for family get-together. Will you be missing someone under the moonlight at this time of the year ?


maple leaves

每年進入秋季,人們都感覺到氣候宜人,秋風送爽的陣陣涼意,也會享受和欣賞到更多的金秋景色,特別到了楓葉紅了的時候,大自然的景色更會變成五彩繽紛、萬紫千紅的多彩世界,遠遠望去,紅色的楓葉林節帶顯得特別鮮豔奪目,美不勝收, 令人陶醉和留下美的記憶,在藍天、白雲、綠草地的映襯下,各種紅色的楓葉形成的色彩格外令人囑目和欣賞。 加國是北美的楓葉之鄉,各類不同形式反映楓葉、楓情、楓之韻、楓土人情的藝術作品,經過藝術加工提煉後展現在讀者面前並與之分享,也是一種”楓之趣”吧。


Every  year in the Fall  , with the cooler temperatures rolling in,  it is always a good time to enjoy the beautiful scenery  of the season. The maple leaves are especially vibrant with colors of red, and golden yellow.  Canada is a maple leaf town in North America, with the blue sky and green meadows, it is the perfect  time to  reflect the beauty of maple leaves  in different forms of art, sharing them is definitely a fun part in the season.



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多市是北美交通繁忙的地區,也是交通監管執法較嚴的地區。 提起多市監管執法,眾多的駕車者不敢輕言置之,更不敢”闊佬懶理”予以待之,而是更加慎而待之,保住”出入平安”,因稍不留意與疏忽,觸犯了規則,麻煩就來了,招來了員警,很少會”溫馨提示”後就給予放行的,至於怎樣罰或執罰多少, 就看你違章程度和情節輕重而定了,被員警扣查者,很難存”僥倖”過關心理的,只好怨自己自覺與不自覺踩過了界,引來了麻煩。 當然,在嚴管之下還是有不少駕駛者會”越軌”的,超速駕駛的丶越線駕駛的丶醉駕的丶闖紅燈的丶邊駕邊打手機的等等,違章駕駛仍屢見不鮮,違章被罰的現象也不會少見,諸君明瞭,員警的交通監管力度只會進一步加強而不會放鬆,各位自重, 好自為之了。
Congestion is always an issue in North American big cities. Toronto, not alone, had imposed strict laws to keep the drivers observe the road safety rules. Drivers continuing to break the rules like drunk driving, speeding and ignoring red lights are all common violations. If they are not deterred by present laws and fines , the enforcement will be heavier and stricter in the future. Drivers should be well aware and be disciplined.