Specialized Services for Human Trafficking Survivors in Newmarket

Ontario is helping survivors of human trafficking to heal and re-build their lives through new programs and services designed to meet their unique and often complex needs, as well as initiatives that aim to prevent human trafficking.

Chris Ballard, MPP for Newmarket-Aurora announced funding to help end human trafficking and support survivors, through the Anti-Human Trafficking Community Supports Fund in Newmarket. This includes York Women’s Support Network which will help support prevention and awareness through outreach and education, with trauma counselling leading into an intensive healing program.

Human trafficking is a deplorable crime as well as a human rights violation that robs the safety, livelihood and dignity of those who are exploited and abused. Because survivors are controlled mentally, physically and emotionally by traffickers, it is difficult for them to leave and find help. Those who do find a way out often need support in a range of areas, such as trauma counselling, addictions recovery, job training and more.

This funding represents a significant milestone in Ontario’s four-year Strategy to End Human Trafficking, announced in June 2016. The government is committed to addressing human trafficking so that everyone in the province can live in safety — free from the threat, fear or experience of exploitation and violence.