2019 Hello ! Eastern Township

“One’s Destination is never a  place , but  a new way of seeing things”

 – Henry Miller

Trip Highlights

 Day 1- June 21, 2019

Night visit to Foresta Lumina

SAM_8555 SAM_8554



Our adventure started with a night walk in an illuminated forest, parading   a story of fairies, nature and  the  spirits. This is a galaxy path of  glimmering lights and images.  Lots to discover, there are storyboards and multimedia visual effects on trees and  grass as we moved along .  Most of the spots were like fairyland in our  childhood dreams. Exception was  the pedestrian suspension bridge , hanging above a deep gorge in the dark. It was frightening to step on the  swinging bridge  blending with the creepy  evil background  noises.  We could not stop ,per  instructed , and  have to keep  walking  until we saw the strong  lights at the end of the bridge.

The rain came in the evening  but  drizzles  faded away  gradually approaching the night.  The  sky  was  finally clear.  The walk lasted for over 2 hours.  A  magical journey, an unique  attraction, terrific and impressive,  love it.

Midnight Ice Cream Desert at Laiterie de Coaticook

The  ice cream place is in  a large premise situated on a main road . There are  lots of ice cream flavours that we can choose . We had  a good  time sitting on the swinging patio under the moonlight with our midnight snack before we headed back to our hotels.

Day 2 – June 22, 2019

Morning tour- Sherbrooke Murals


It was a sunny day.  We were to go and see the famous Murals in   Sherbrooke  .   They are like paintings in an art  gallery . The drawings were mostly  about  the culture and history  in Quebec  .  Interestingly,  our guide used the special app on his Ipad to show us the story of the wall painting.  It  added color to a street tour. I really hope that they can continue to add to the collection as times go by.




English Tea Tasting at the Uplands





Perfect weather and sunshine continued, we all had  English high tea at the backyard garden in Uplands  . Staff dressed in English country costume served tea with our own individual choice of English tea set. The tea combo comes with  delicious scones , sandwiches and pastries.

The garden, apart from having blooming flowers,  is also a heritage place that has  art exhibits .

 “Music” Lunch at Orford Academy Bistro







SAM_8692 SAM_8693


Our group were greeted by Mr. Wonny Song, the Artistic & Excecutive Director of the Academy.

Thanks to Mr. Tony Chen’s piano recital performance  for our group. He is a young talent studying in the Academy.

The main building design  is a  piano . There are also sculptures of musical notes and instruments in the garden. The academy environment is spacious and peaceful .  We had a guided tour of the workshops classrooms and concert hall there .

Bleu  Lavande , an open book of Lavender








A huge lavender farm, located far off from the city, specialized in growing blue color lavenders.

It was not the blooming time yet and so the farm was still green and brown with only short lavender buds.  The different species are planted in separate rows on the field.  Yet the guide is friendly and knowledgeable. We saw different by products in the showroom. We were given samples in a pack to try out.  Lastly, we had a small lecture on how to extract lavender oil and water from the Lavender harvested.

The Orford Express Dinner Outing





Our group was delighted to be greeted by the Train Captain before starting the excursion.

The dinner outing carried us along the Magog countryside in an approximate 4 hour span. The booth seating was a good networking time which enables us to share our stories and adventures while enjoying a full meal in the coach. The train stopped at the Marche where we could walk along the riverside trail as well as getting some souvenirs.  The round trip train ride provided us with a good view of country side scenery from Magog to Sherbrooke.

Day 3-June 23, 2019

Gourmet brunch on Escapades Memphremagog Cruise












What was better than to start the day with a brunch on a cruise?  We boarded the ship at around 10 am. The cruise journey lasted for about 3 hours.  Most of us did not stay long on the food table, instead we were everywhere on the upper deck, the front and the   rear. We captured the surrounding sceneries in different angles and perspectives, just to make the most of the opportunity. Gourmet meals to share live singing performance by a young band, great weather, a perfect afternoon getaway.

 Park de Magog Bay


We had a good relaxed walk in the Park after the cruise.

Le Cep d’Argent- wine tasting








Due to road construction, we had a bit delay in getting to the vineyard.  It is near to the lakeside.

Our guide, Jean accompanied us to have a walk on the vineyard trails. As explained, the lake effect was their key to grow great grapes for their wine. The lake retains the heat and warms the vineyard in the cold season. His presentation was simple enough for tourists like us, thorough and interesting.   Afterwards we were back to the winery for a sample tasting. The surprise performance came when we saw the presenter, Jean sabered a Champagne Bottle.  The split second movement was striking and eye opening. Thank you very much Jean.

Dinner at OMG Resto


It was the last dinner before our departure the next day.  The restaurant chosen was previously a church building.

Signature menus are the different types of burgers. We ordered the various choices of burgers from the normal cheese and Bacon to the Wagyu Beef. Sharing the eats and happiness with the brilliant live band performance, the evening patio dinner was filled with laughter, and of course on a full stomach.

Day 4- June 24, 2019

Lune de Miel- Honey  and Bees






The last day of the trip , we went  to a “Honey” place

During the guided tour, we  were shown a movie presentation  that detailed the life and work of the honey bee and how honey  came to be a product on the shelf. Then we were introduced to a bee museum that illustrated the different bee types and their contributions to the nature.  Applaud to the owners’ investment on the subject,  this is the way to educate the human to connect to the world of insects. An  amazing part in the visit  was the direct physical contact with the bees.  The owner guided some of  our team members  to  the bee garden  where   the bee hives were. They  moved around and even stayed on the human skin without  stinging them. I finally understand that  they  will  not bother humans unless  being   provoked .  Learn while you travel, this is the motto.

La Halte des Pelerins






On our last day, we visited another winery. This vineyard  is located on the highlands . We were greeted by the lady owner , Genevieve , who is  warm and friendly .She generously treated us to many different types of wines from her winery.   She paired  the wine tasting with different  food items, like cheese, cold cuts, and dried fruits . The multiple food combination  that represented the different flavours enabled  the taster to find out their perfect match. Time was  too short for such  a luxury reception.

She demonstrated and taught us  step by step  to look, smell  and sample-taste  the wine  in a “professional” way.

It takes expertise to identify  and  define good quality  wine through wine-tasting.

Yet  for me and the most of us,

It’s that sip of wine, it’s that summertime, and it’s the trip to Sherbrook

It’s the  Eastern Township in 2019 that we will recall to our mind always

Until then,  toast and cheers to everyone.